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Barry Kirk


Barry and his wife Michele are both natives of Terra Alta and still make their home there today.  They have four kids.  Brandon, his wife Erin, their daughter Makenna and son Trey live in Terra Alta.  Holly is a stay-at-home mom and lives in Morgantown with her husband Jason and their daughters Clara Blanche, Anna Belle, and Emma Jane.  Dave is a student at Fairmont State University and T is a student at Garrett College in McHenry, MD.

Barry and Michele love their family and are very thankful for the many good years that they have enjoyed together in business at J&J.  Barry left a career in banking more than 30 years ago to join the J&J family and has never looked back.  Throughout those years, he has seen the Lord bring literally thousands of people across J&J’s doorstep … many to buy vehicles … many for service … and many just to visit … but the most rewarding of all those different people who have passed through J&J are those to whom he’s had the privilege of talking about the Lord Jesus. 

Want to buy a car or truck or van or SUV? Stop by – that’d be great! But if you want to stop by and talk about all that the Lord has done, that’d be even greater!

By God’s grace, Barry has developed a way of doing business with honesty and integrity.  So when it’s time for you to buy your next vehicle, come to J&J Preowned in Kingwood and experience it for yourself.